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Cabs in Hyderabad in Lockdown for Local & Outstation rides. Cabs in Hyderabad during Lockdown - Travelling during COVID. Sanitized Local Hourly and Outstation cab rental in Hyderabad Disinfected cab rental in Hyderabad Cab Booking in Hyderabad made easy by ova cabs hyderabad Car Rentals. Ova Cabs Taxi Ova Cabs in Hyderabad - Ova Cabs on Offer. Ova Cabs Cab service in Hyderabad - Our Promise of Quality. Here are we the emergency taxi service currently operating in city Whether it is groceries, a trip to the bank or a routine hospital visit, here is your ride Cabs in Hyderabad during Lockdown - Travelling during COVID Ova Cabs Hyderabad has been at the forefront of enabling mobility of customers by road during the Coronavirus pandemic. This involves a careful approach to safety and precautions, and a strict compliance to the government guidelines. The various zones in which we have resumed cab services can be found here We are assisting customers with a valid COVID-19 travel pass to rent cabs during lockdown, which is currently imposed in varying degrees until the end of May. We are grateful to our Corona warriors, our drivers, who are willing to get on road to help people move from Hyderabad to other cities in a taxi cab services in hyderabad during lockdown, cab timings in hyderabad during lockdown, cabs in hyderabad in lockdown, Airport Cabs in Lockdown, Airport transfer timings in lockdown, Outstation cab servicein lockdown, taxi timingsin hyderabad lockdown, cabs in covid-19, sanitizer cabs in hyderabad, sanitized cabs in hyderabad for airport drop-down, sanitized cabs for Outstation in hyderabad sanitized radio taxi from hyderabad airport.

Book Sanitized & Disinfected car rental in Hyderabad with driver for local and outstation trips with Ova Cabs

"Almost after two long months since the lockdown in India began, the government of India announced the relaxation of rules for non-essential businesses, interstate travel, air travel, and many such activities with UNLOCK 1.0 that came into effect a couple of weeks ago. Even with the rise in number of the Covid cases, most people seem to have returned to their routine following social distancing and wearing face masks to prevent the spread of the virus. Sanitized Local Hourly and Outstation taxi rental in Hyderabad Disinfected taxi rental in Hyderabad Public transport services like buses, metros and trains are operational in most parts of the country. Domestic Air travel has been permitted since May 25. Ova Cabs conducted a research survey on the Covid situation and published a report based on it, which indicated that a large number of Indians will prefer to use private vehicles, like cars and motorcycle, over public transport including taxi services due to safety and hygiene post the lockdown. While no one is entirely sure when the Covid situation might end, we can certainly tell traveling by your own vehicle, especially a car is the safest choice during these unprecedented times.

"Most Indian states permit both inter-district and inter state travel without the need of an travel permit or E-passes. The states that require travel permit, e-passes for travel by road, air & rail include Delhi, Rajasthan, Chattisgarh, Maharashtra, Tamil Nadu, Mizoram, Meghalaya, West Bengal and Karnataka The National Capital Delhi has opened its border with Haryana and Uttar Pradesh, thereby travelers do not require any pass to travel between Delhi, Gurgaon, Noida, and Ghaziabad.

What are the rules for private vehicles?

Only a few states require prior travel permission for travel by road and the E-passes can be acquired through online portals created by state authorities. The rules for driving car states only a maximum of 3 occupants for hatchbacks and sedans, while 4 occupants are allowed in SUVs in order to maintain social distancing norms. Also, pillion rider will not be allowed in two-wheelers. Remember, all drivers and passengers should wear a face mask while venturing out to stay safe and avoid any kind of penalty, as applicable based on guidelines in respective zones. It is also advisable to keep a sanitizer in your vehicles.

Remember, all drivers and passengers should wear a face mask while venturing out to stay safe and avoid any kind of penalty, as applicable based on guidelines in respective zones. It is also advisable to keep a sanitizer in your vehicles.

Book sanitized & disinfected car rental in the city with a driver for safe travel locally IN-THE-CITY or on outstation trips India wide with ovacabs.

ova Cabs is taking precautionary measures during the pandemic to ensure you have the safest journey by disinfecting and sanitizing the cars before and after every ride.

Book Local Hourly car rental for IN-THE-CITY ride and outstation cab service for intercity travel at an affordable price with ovacabs.

Check our hourly rental cab and outstation cab fares below. Our fares update dynamically in response to market demand and supply conditions so booking in advance is always best.

COVID-19 Pandemic Update for ova Cabs travel

ova cabs is known for its always on-time, guaranteed cab service across India. After the Corona Virus pandemic of 2020, We have instituted a process to ensure clean and sanitized conditions in our cabs. Starting April 2020, ova drivers are now disinfecting and sanitizing the ova cabs after arriving at your place for pickup. Our goal is to give you peace of mind and have you be sure that the cab has been cleaned to your satisfaction. Safety of our drivers & customers is of utmost importance to us. Our driver will practice safety measures and we request and require that our passengers do so too!

Exchanging currency notes is not a good idea during the pandemic. So we require that you plan on paying for your cab fare in full online. You can make a part payment before your trip starts and the remainder of the payment will also need to be paid by you online

Hourly car rental fares for local trips with ova Cabs Day Rental!

Hey Hyderabad! Now You can now request for ovaCabs at unbelievably attractive prices for local rentals and outstation cab services. With cab fares starting from ₹1395 (includes 4 hr & 40 kms) for local day rentals.

By booking ovacabs for local rentals you have a cab & driver for a fixed number of hours and take as many stops as we drive you around the city as you like during the time of your booking Whether you want to go for shopping, for back to back meetings, weddings or sightseeing, ova Cabs is at your disposal, waiting for you, just like your own car.

And the best part – you have the option to choose the package that you like. Our local rental prices are goven below

Package Details Compact Sedan SUV
4 Hrs & 40 Kms local rental ₹ 800 + tax ₹ 1000 + tax ₹ 1200 + tax
8 Hrs & 80 Kms local rental ₹ 1400 + tax ₹ 1800 + tax ₹ 2400 + tax
12 Hrs & 120 Kms local rental ₹ 2000 + tax ₹ 2500 + tax ₹ 3500 + tax


  1. Health and safety of our employees, driver partners and customers is of utmost importance for travel in the presence of COVID-19 across the country
  2. Before you book your travel – check government guidelines to make sure that your vehicle can be routed from the source address to the destination address. Our teams will check for routing also after we receive your booking. In some cases, we may need to cancel your booking if the routing is not possible due to travel restrictions.
  3. Once you have booked a cab, we will provide you with the cab and driver information as soon as we can. You may use this information to get an electronic travel pass issued from the authorities. In many parts of the country, it is required that a customer have a travel authorization (travel pass) before we can serve your trip.
  4. Ova Cabs will provide you with a sanitized taxi cab for your travel. For your satisfaction and peace, the driver will sanitize the vehicle in your presence after arriving for pickup. Our carse are disinfected at the start and end of every trip, however for your mental satisfaction its important that our driver disinfects & sanitizes the car in your presence as well.
  5. It is REQUIRED that both drivers and passengers have the Aarogya setu app installed on theirs phones. A Ova Cabs driver may refuse to provide service if the customer cannot show proof that they have the Aarogya Setu app installed. Cost of cancellation for such reasons shall be borne by the traveller.
  6. In light of these additional precautionary and sanitization measures, Ova’s taxi cab rates may be slightly elevated than other taxi operators.
  7. Our customer service centers are available to answer any questions for you. For quick and timely service, we recommend that you communicate to us by chat or email during this time.

The time interval during which the driving/travel is allowedduring UNLOCK 1.0

Movement of people, road travel for private vehicles is strictly prohibited between 9 pm and 5 am across the country during Unlock 1.0

Statewise Link to obtain E passes for driving/travel during Lockdown

The state-wise links for E-Passes or inter-district travel permission during the lockdown have been mentioned below:

Andaman & Nicobar Islands
Nicobars district
North and Middle Andaman
South Andaman
For South Andaman, download the application at below link and submit it to the DC

Andhra Pradesh

Registration Link
DCC/MC/Tahsildar Verification Link

E-Pass application link

E-Pass application link

The state government has an App to avail E-Pass.

Application dashboard

For travel permit
For temporary Pass

Movement Pass
Application dashboard

Himachal Pradesh
Apply for a curfew pass
For Vehicle Movement e-pass in Kangra, Kullu, and Una, you can also apply at :
(Click on ‘Select State’> Choose ‘Himachal Pradesh’ from the drop-down menu> Scroll-down to ‘Newly Launched Services’ > Click on ‘Issuance of epass’)

Jammu and Kashmir

Apply for a curfew pass


Apply for a curfew pass

Bangalore: Organisations and individuals can obtain passes from
Karnataka State Police (KSP) e-portal

Inter-District Travel Pass

Apply for an e-pass

Madhya Pradesh:
Apply for e-pass

For the movement of restricted number of staff in Maharashtra except for Pune:
For the movement of restricted number of staff in Pune:

E-Pass dashboard

E-Pass dashboard

E-Pass is being issued for those who are engaged in providing essential services like health, manufacturing, transport, shops, and media personnel. For e-passes
Can also apply at

Apply for pass

Tamil Nadu:
Apply for E-Pass

E-Pass can be applied at

Uttar Pradesh:
Apply for E-pass

Link to E-Pass and FAQs

West Bengal:
Link to E-Pass

"We had a great experience with Ova Cabs Hyderabad, the car was arranged within 30 mins –other cabs refused took my booking that too on a busy festival day. Awesome!" – Srikanth Reddy

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